With growing insecurity and a challenging operating environment, Afghanistan is one of the most difficult places in the world to gain detailed information regarding ground truth.  Such information is vital to organizations and companies who wish to operate effectively in the country.


Indicium is an information management consultancy dedicated to fulfilling such needs.  Our aim is to deliver detailed and accurate information to International organizations and private companies about Afghanistan, through field research and cost-effective consultations.


Our company consists of experienced  international analysts and Afghan researchers.  Our Afghan staff are trained in collecting data under adverse circumstances, including insecure environments, while our international staff have years of experience in Afghanistan and other theaters.  Currently our research staff are located in every province throughout the country, while our international staff is well versed in Afghan culture, politics, and security landscape.


Our company structure is flexible to tailor a diverse range of organizations’ needs, varying from short-term consultancy to full-time consultancy and research projects.


With our unique approach, information gathering capabilities and experienced analysts we are capable to collect and produce comprehensive and accurate information, research and analysis, whether your needs are related to some specific area and/or specified topic or to wider need of more overall information about the situation in Afghanistan.